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An Innovative Step-by-step program to help you improve your swing and INCREASE YOUR CLUB HEAD SPEED!

5 Simple Phases To A Better Swing:

1 Set-up

2 Start Up

3 Wind Up

4 Loading Phase

5 Unloading Phase

Learn From One of
The Fastest in the World

A recent 2017 U.S. Open Local medalist, 2018 and 2019 World Long Drive Championship qualifier, Josh is excited to announce the launch of his all new interactive golf platform! The website is filled with premium swing and workout content giving you access to the secrets that have made Josh one of the longest drivers in the world. The platform also provides the opportunity to upload swings for analysis as well as directly communicate with Josh for feedback related to your swings.

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Your Blueprint to a faster club head speed!

The Swing Blueprint follows the same format that took Josh’s swing speed from 118 MPH to 154 MPH

Courses laid out into 5 simple phases so you can follow along easily and improve your swing

Each phase comes with tutorials, drills, analysis, and application videos to sharpen your swing at home

Josh is available to chat and help you every step of the way

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Tom Dyer

Josh Koch is one of the great young instructors in golf today. Josh’s very unique combination of incredible technical knowledge and vast competitive playing experience help students play through their transformation and dramatically improve their skills. I highly recommend any player committed to reaching their golf goals to work with Josh Koch.

Tom Dyer + 8 MPH

Mark Dugan

In less than a year, my swing has improved tremendously. I have easily picked up 30 yards on my drives and I now hit my irons one club longer. Numerous people at my club have asked: “What are you doing differently with your swing?” Rather than try to explain what I am working on, I ask them to contact Josh. I would recommend Josh to anyone who is trying to improve their game. I have found Josh to be the ultimate professional when it comes to working with his students. He genuinely wants his students to improve and goes the extra yard to make sure that happens.

Mark Dugan + 12 MPH

Christina Foster

My name is Christina Foster. I am a professional golfer currently playing on the Symetra Tour, and I am working towards earning my LPGA Tour card. Before I started working with Josh, my golf game was very inconsistent. My driving distance was short, my results were not very good, Since I started working with Josh, my driver club head speed has increased dramatically, from 92 MPH to 109.8 MPH, and my accuracy has greatly improved.

Christina Foster + 14 MPH



    In your profile, click “Start lesson” on the left side. You must be a silver, or gold member to have access to this feature. However, you can also purchase online lessons on an individual basis to access this feature as well. Once accessible, simply upload swings recorded from your smart phone or video camera, select the category of the videos, and submit the videos to Josh. He will be notified immediately upon submission.

  • How often is new content uploaded?

    New content will be uploaded on a weekly basis. We encourage you to submit your ideas for future videos utilizing the content forms available on the website.

  • How Quickly does Josh provide feedback and what is the turn around time on an online lesson?

    Silver and Gold members have access to convenient online messaging with Josh. Once an online lesson or question is submitted, typical response time is usually within 48 hours.